Logging While Drilling (LWD)

Logging While Drilling (LWD)

Boreview Services offers both a resistivity tool and gamma module in their suite of LWD tools. These industry leading tools are among the best in the world for durability, accuracy, and effectiveness. Our LWD personnel have over 40 years of experience from the Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Baker Hughes.

Resistivity Tool

Boreview Services’s resistivity tool is the industry’s leading tool that offers dual receiver/quadruple transmitter array, allowing for effective borehole compensation. It is a dual frequency tool, 2MHz and 400KHz, with multiple depth of investigation.

Advantage of this system is that it runs below the MWD system, which allows the MWD tool to be retrievable. This allows for less rig down time and reduction in lost hole charges. Redundant corrected and compensated resistivity data is stored in the MWD tool memory. Available in 4.75in, 6.75in and 8.25in sizes and operating in temperatures as high as 175°C and mud flow rates up to 1200gpm.

    • Mechanical Specifications
      • 4.75
      • 6.75
      • 8.25
    • Tool OD (in)
      • 5.00 at antenna
        5.00 at wearbands
      • 6.91 at antenna
        7.16 at wearbands
      • 8.25 at antenna
        8.50 at wearbands
    • Length (ft)
      • 14.5
      • 14.5
      • 15.16
    • Max Tool Curvature (degree/100ft) Sliding
      • 25
      • 17
      • 14
    • Max Tool Curvature (degree/100ft) Sliding
      • 12.2
      • 8
      • 7
    • Max Op Temp (ºC)
      • 175
      • 175
      • 175
    • Max Op Pressure (psi)
      • 20.000
      • 20.000
      • 20.000
    • Flow Range (gal/min)
      • 100-350
      • 300-750
      • 450-12000
    • Telemetry Type
    • Positive

    • Slick Line Retrievable
    • MWD tool is retrievable at a wet connect

    • Downlink Mud
    • Yes

    • MTF/GTF Switch
    • Selectable angle for changeover

    • Realtime Update Period (sec)
    • Selectable; wordlenght and pulsewidth dependent

    • Survey Time Period (sec)
    • Selectable; wordlenght and pulsewidth dependent

    • Survey (Sliding/Rotating after pump cycle)
    • Yes

    • Measure Point(s) from tool bottom (ft)
      • GR 2.8 ft, Res 6.1 ft,
        DIR 22.2 ft
      • GR 2.5 ft, Res 6.1 ft,
        DIR 22.2ft
      • GR 2 ft, Res 6.8 ft,
        DIR 22.9 ft

GAMMA Module

Boreview Services’s gamma detectors are among the best in the world with a patented flexible dynamic sleeve, which surrounds and protects the scintillation assemblies in the line of gamma detectors. These detectors absorb external shock and vibration inherent in the bottom hole assembly. The flexible dynamic sleeve also maintains concentricity parameters designed to improve and maintain the accuracy of the gamma ray readings. With operating capability in temperatures up to 175°C and backed by tested operations in severe drilling enviroments, these detectors are bound to perform accurately in all drilling environments in US.