Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Boreview offers real-time directional surveying, toolface orientation and natural gamma ray logging. Equipped with the most reliable tool that has been field proven for decades, we can provide our customers the industry leading accurate, time/cost effective and safe MWD services.

All our MWD tools are modular, wireline retrievable, and rated at 175ºC and 20,000psi, and it is Haynesville proven.

Directional Module

Our DM provides highly accurate and reliable directional measurements in the most harsh drilling environment in the world, so that we can always provide the highly accurate and reliable directional measurements in the most hash drilling environment in US.

With the smart technology embedded in the drilling program such as rotation sequence and survey on-the-fly, Boreview DM is able to provide fast toolface, inclination while sliding and high resolution logging data, perfect for applications such as landing the curve, lateral section and side tracking.

Directional Module


    Input Voltage: 18-32 VDC

    Input Power: 0.5W idle, <3W peak


    Shock: 100g, 0.5 msec, ½ sine all axes

    Vibration: 5-30 Hz, 1 in. (double amplitude) 30-500 Hz, 20 g, all axes


    Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), 12 bit A/D resolution


    Models available for -20°C to +150°C or -20°C to +175°C


    Dimensions: 1.40 in. dia. x 55.61 in. long. Designed to fit 1.50 in. ID calibrated and modeled pressure housing

    Connectors: 21-pin MDM, 15-pin MDM mates with Snubber Shock Azimuth (left/right) Assembly and Sensor End assembly


    Pointing accuracy: calibrated and modeled

    Inclination (up/down): ±0.10°, 3 sigma

    Azimuth (left/right): ±0.25°, 3 sigma


Boreview pulser is built for the high temperature, high pressure and heavy LCM jobs. The innovative and simplified design eliminates the most common failure found in the traditional pulser, making the pulser perfect for the tough jobs and at the same time, excessively power efficient. Our pulsers are equipped with memory and smart chips, which provide us the ability of both real-time and memory recording informations such as the drilling mechanics (axial/radial vibration, shock, rpm and temperature).

Surface System

The Surface System can be set up with either wired or wireless connection, which makes the rig-up extremely simple and fast. Our mud pulse decoder is running a total of 8 decoding channels with different filters simultaneously, and the best decoding channel will be picked automatically in real-time for the best decoding quality in the noisy environment.


We use proven gamma modules.

Logging software

With our real-time logging, broadcasting and plotting software, we can always deliver the data and logs to our clients in the format they prefer. Our logs are highly endorsed by different geologists with wide range of requirements.